Now on to the interior of the house. We begin with the entry way. It's your typical 70's entry with the ridiculous divider making a narrow entry way. I wanted to remove it, but we're talking major construction here and, as it turned out, it provided a nice space for Ted's desk. He never uses the desk, but didn't want to part with it. Go figure.
Here is the entry as it was originally. The beat up storm door was removed [I'm not into storm doors]. There was "pebbled" vinyl on the floor and the door was brown on the inside. The post was trimmed out in decorative wood [difficult to see the detail in the picture]. The walls are painted Paris Green and the door is now white on the inside to match the wainscoting and trim.

The living room had ancient beige carpet that had stretched to where it had waves in it. The walls were the ubiquitous off-white. There were heavy drapes at the windows. This is during remodeling. I forgot to mention that we also added crown molding to all the rooms except the bathrooms. The old beige carpet was replaced with Pergo [dark antique Cherry].
Here are two views of the finished living room. I had to put my buffet in here because there was not room in the dining room. This house is much smaller than our previous homes and by design. I was not interested in yet another big house to keep clean. This one is plenty big enough for the two of us.
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